Student Medicover Insurance Plan Introduction(2023-2024)

Student Medicover Insurance Plan Introduction(2023-2024)


1.What is international student health insurance?

1.What is international student health insurance?

Without a doubt, reliable health insurance is essential for college students. For this purpose, universities in the U.S. enroll all their eligible students in universal school insurance and the cost of the insurance is then billed to the student’s account directly.

However, school insurance is not the only option for international students. Every year, tens of thousands of international students decide to waive out of school insurance and choose policies that are specifically issued for international students such as Student Medicover, highly cost-effective insurance that comes with with 24/7 customer support.

We offer various high-quality health insurance plans for international students with active F1/J1 visa holders, OPT students, and F2/J2 dependents. Whether you are looking for insurance with better coverage or more affordable rate, as long as you are in the U.S. with a valid visa, Student Medicover has a plan for you.

We are excited to announce that our insurance plans for the 2023-2024 academic year are available now, and all Student Medicover insureds can renew your insurance now.

For newcomers who are just starting your journey, keep following us to learn about how Student Medicover provides care to students who study abroad in the U.S.

2. Why does health insurance for international students cost less than school insurance?

2. Why does health insurance for international students cost less than school insurance?

Universal insurance plans from Universities(SHIP)are often more expensive because the plans serve a broader range of the population. Not only do they provide coverage for both international and domestic students, but they also charge the same rate for different age groups.

In contrast, international students are a smaller demographic group and the age range of international students is smaller interval. Hence, insurance company consider international students as a low-risk insured population and lowers the cost of an international student-only policy.

As a result, insurance plans at Student Medicover are more affordable even with coverages that are better than universal school insurance

*Remember: There are many health insurance policies for international students. Go with the one that meets your medical needs rather than the one with the lowest rate. .  Without a sufficient coverage, it will ultimately cost you more in the case of an emergency.

Since we provide a variety of different coverages, we strongly recommend you select whichever plan fits you the best! Everyone is different and therefore has different medical needs. If you cannot decide which plan fits your lifestyle and health condition the best, feel free to contact us at We are more than happy to assist you with finding the best coverage for you!

3. Who is Student Medicover?

3. Who is Student Medicover?

About Student Medicover

Founded in 2013, Student Medicover strives to make high-quality, affordable healthcare accessible to every international student. By partnering with UnitedHealthcare, we provide cost-effective, comparable insurance plans, quality services, and a healthy lifestyle to students far away from home.

Our mission is to lend a hand to international students who need medical-related assistance because we understand how helpless one can feel as a student studying abroad. Our motto “We Care So We Are Here” is a reflection of our first-rate customer service. It is our job to ensure excellent customer experience and provide top-notch services to anyone that comes to us for assistance

In addition, Student Medicover has been the top health insurance agency with the largest market share in the market of international student insurance in recent years. We maintained an annual sales growth of more than 200% and now serve more than 30,000 international students from 43 countries and 889 universities. We have partnered with more than 120 student organizations across the country in order to build a supportive, vibrant, and healthy community. 

4. What are the Student Medicover insurance plans for 2023-2024 academic year?

4. What are the Student Medicover insurance plans for 2023-2024 academic year?

5. What upgrades did Student Medicover make in the 23-24 academic year?

5. What upgrades did Student Medicover make in the 23-24 academic year?

Health Insurance Plan

    • New Plan Launch:
      • Prime 500:the new Prime series plan, at the lowest rate of $1,349 per year, with a $500 deductible and offers 100% coinsurance for in-network preventive care including school vaccinations. Additionally, it covers prescription drugs and has unlimited maximum benefits.
      • Global Care Plus:A comprehensive coverage plan designed for international students at aged 25 and 26!
    • The Supreme plan now includes add-on benefits and services :

      • Psychological screening New!
      • CVS Select® Gift Card for users who renewed from the 22-23 Supreme plan New!

*For more detailed benefits, please refer to our Supreme plan introduction article.

Medical Network

    • UHC Choice Plus PPO network
      • The Supreme, Elite, Prime 100, Prime 500, and Global Care Plus plans all utilize the UHC Choice Plus PPO medical network.
      • Full network coverage of the top 20 hospitals in the United States! In-network specialized doctors can be directly scheduled without the need for referrals.

❖ Partnership for Student Medicover

    • Become the one and only international student insurance agency designated by UnitedHealthcare, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.
      • All Student Medicover insureds have the same access to all benefits provided to UnitedHealthcare-insured members.
    • Became the official insurance provider for multiple major U.S. universities, providing high-quality health insurance to domestic and international students.

Other upgrades

    • All 23-24 insureds will receive the Student Medicover Carepack medical kit for free.
        • The portable SM medical kit is valued at S25, which includes pain relievers, a mini thermometer, and other medical supplies, along with an emergency contact card, providing peace of mind wherever they go. *For information on how to claim the Care Pack, please stay tuned for upcoming articles in the Student Medicover Newsroom.

6. Why should you choose Student Medicover?

6. Why should you choose Student Medicover?

❖  Student Medicover Plan Advantages

  • Officially Pre-approved by major US Universities

All our insurance plans meet the school’s requirements and are listed by several universities as officially recommended alternative health insurance.

With our insurance plan, all claims are processed by UnitedHealthcare’s department directly, not with third-party claim administrators.

  • Top Medical Network

-Our Supreme plan and many other plans have exclusive access to UnitedHealthcares top medical networkChoice Plus, with the largest selection of medical networks and doctors and lower medical costs!

-Like your university, our insurance company and medical network are unified to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • OptumRx Pharmacy Network

Our plans use the pharmacy network from UnitedHealthcare, UHCP, which includes most of your pharmacies.  You can use our insurance in all pharmacies with OptumRx Network.

❖ Other Student Medicover health Insurance benefits

  • The only insurance plan that includes Vision Benefit
    • Users over 19 years old: $100 vision exam and $100 vision supplies (Supreme/Elite/ Prime 100)
    • Users under 19 years old: 100% coinsurance for vision exams and prescriptions (Supreme/Elite/Prime 100/Prime 500/GC Plus)
  • Emergency services: ambulance and emergency room 
  • Preventive vaccines
    • Immunizations required for school enrollment
    • HPV (under 46 years old)
    • Flu shot, etc. 
  • Mental Health Coverage
  • Free online physician visits & counseling services




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