Get insurance ID card

  • Visit UHCSR.com

    You can register for a UHCSR MyAccount after your information has been processed and uploaded. At UHCSR.com, click login to My Account.

  • HealthSafe ID Registration

    HealthSafe ID Registration is a simple process you can complete using your Student ID on your Confirmation Letter. After registration, you may see a notification asking you to confirm if you have any other insurance policies. If you do not have other plans besides your Student Medicover policy, please select “No Other Insurance”. View step-by-step guide.

  • Download your insurance ID card

    You will see a variety of functions and information after you have successfully logged in. To print or view your insurance ID card, select ID Card.

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Kindness and patience are at the core of our customer support team. Our representatives will help you with any issues related with using your health insurance, doctor visits, downloading insurance IDs, and filing claims.

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