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* The plan provider may charge a one-time enrollment fee for new enrollments

** Limitations, exclusions, annual deductibles, copayments and maximums apply. For a complete description of benefits, please refer to the vision plan policy.

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VSP and Davis Vision plans require the member to provide an SSN when enrolling. Student Medicover may issue a Generic ID for members without an SSN. Please email the following information to sm@smcovered.com:
First & Last Name / Date of Birth / Gender / Email Address / Mailing Address / Phone Number / Passport ID
We will process your Generic ID request within 1-2 business days.
The cost of vision plans varies based on the type of plan, the level of coverage, and the region. Premiums can range from 10 to 20 dollars per month.
When visiting an in-network vision facility, simply provide your vision plan information to the facility, and they will help file the claim on your behalf.
If you are visiting an out-of-network vision facility, you would typically pay out-of-pocket and submit a claim to the vision plan.

Vision plans specify that contact lenses benefits are in lieu of benefits for frames, and thus you may not be able to use the allowance twice.

Vision plans do not have benefits toward vision correction, but VSP plan offers 5% – 15% discount for vision correction procedures received at in-network facilities.

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