39% of college students report feeling so depressed it is difficult to function.*

*According to the American college Health Association’s 2017 Survey.

1 in 5 are diagnosed or treated for anxiety.

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Depression is the

2nd leading

amoung young people.

When do I need help?

You don’t have to be in a crisis to see a therapist. Seek therapy when distress has strongly influenced your study, work and relationships, or when it has caused physical symptoms, such as headache, tinnitus and insomnia. Seek treatment faster, feel better sooner.

Behavioral Health

We recognize the increased need for appropriate mental health treatment for college students. We’ve partnered with United Behavioral Health (UBH) to ensure that you have access to UBH’s network of mental health care providers and facilities. UBH partners with more than 80,000 clinicians and more than 3,500 care facilities nationwide. Clinical excellence, innovation and a relentless commitment to the most scientifically advanced health care solutions that distinguish UBH as the national leader in behavioral health.

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Live and work well:

Enhance your positive mental health, resiliency and worklife balance! Liveandworkwell is a member and family resource site. They provide confidential access to professional care, self-help programs, interactive tools and educational resources to help with life’s changes and challenges.

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Talk to a counselor online. It’s free.

HealthiestYou is an online professional counseling app that provides access to doctors and mental healthcare from anywhere you are, even while traveling internationally.

All services from HealthiestYou for student who is under Student Medicover Supreme, Elite, Prime100, Prime500, Global Care Basic, Basic plans and over 18 years old are free.

General Medical
Talk to a licensed doctor 24/7 by phone or video from anywhere
Mental Health
Choose a therapist and schedule an appointment by phone or video (7 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

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