An introduction to Student Medicover new Supreme Plan

An introduction to our new Supreme Plan

An introduction to our new Supreme Plan

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In the past several years, Student Medicover has had a long-standing relationship with United Healthcare, the largest insurance organization in the United States. By integrating users’ opinions and needs through mutual collaboration, Student Medicover has deemed it essential and useful to enhance its insurance plan in a comprehensive way, starting from last academic year (2022-23).

The Supreme Plan, a brand-new, enhanced plan, strives to provide high-quality butler-style care while remaining affordable compared to your school insurance, with the following additional features and protections.


1.What does “Supreme” stand for?

1.What does “Supreme” stand for?

Supreme Plan, as a newly created product, contains various extra perks that includes all of the previous features, in addition to a more specific focus on the exclusivity and all-around care of every single customer.

In detail, the Supreme plan offers a total of $500 wellness benefit each policy year. Second, regardless of time zone difference throughout the world, we provide every student with a 1-on-1 personal concierge 24/7 which means you can quickly access and connect with your personal specialist whenever you need support. The types of services include:

Purchasing or replacing your insurance, finding an in-network doctor, claim assistance, etc.

Online appointment and in-network provider lookup

Furthermore, we evaluate some of the other needs of fellow international students based on previous users’ feedback and suggestions, and we incorporated all of the takeaways into the following benefits for Supreme customers:

❖ The Nutrition Supplements Pack includes 4 bottles of Vitamin C.

❖ A set of commonly used over-the-counter medications.

❖ Free access to the 16PF (Sixteen Personality Factor) test, Holland’s Occupational Interest Inventory, and Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90) for self-assessment of psychological symptoms.

Free short-term IMG insurance starting from the first day you arrive in the United States until the effective of the US medical insurance. (up to 30 days)

❖ A $50 CVS Select® Gift Card for users who renewed from the 22-23 Supreme plan.

Supreme Plan Benefits

Using last year’s actual photos as examples, this year may have slight differences.

2.Why are we offering this exclusive plan?

2.Why are we offering this exclusive plan?

As the one and only international student insurance agency designated by United Healthcare, we felt that rather than exaggerating the importance of lower rates, feedback has shown that international students or their parents care more about comprehensive protection and ultimate convenience when dealing with healthcare and health insurance, so we are now committed to eliminating the information asymmetry in the insurance industry for all students in an easily understandable way and the most considerate manner.

As such,  we could put our greatest efforts into assisting students who need care away from home.

3.How to claim the Supreme Benefits?

3.How to claim the Supreme Benefits?

Here is a sample instruction on how you can activate these benefits.

-Enter the Supreme activation page

-Click on “New Activation”

Screen Shot 2023 07 06 at 5.17.19 PM

-Choose your plan such as “Supreme 2023-2024 Member” and fill in your personal information.

Screen Shot 2023 07 06 at 5.25.49 PM

-For the part “Select a Benefit to activate”, select “OTC Medication Package”.

-Enter your name, date of birth, phone number and mailing address in the “Description” box below

-Click on Submit and you will receive your OTC medical kit in about 2 weeks!



We have reached our ninth year of serving as insurance agents for international students in the US, and we remain committed to our original purpose and the way we started. With the introduction of our new plans, we sincerely hope to continue standing by your side and providing you with our unwavering support.

This special moment, marking the launch of our supreme plan also gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to our customers, organizations, and schools. It is through their trust and expectations that we have grown, and we are determined to further enhance our products and services in the years to come.

Lastly, if you are already intrigued by this brand-new plan, we encourage you to enroll in our Supreme Plan today without hesitation!

5.Enroll Now

5.Enroll Now