An introduction to Student Medicover new Supreme Plan

An introduction to our new Supreme Plan

An introduction to our new Supreme Plan

Supreme Plan Intro


In the past several years, Student Medicover has had a long-standing relationship with United Healthcare, the largest insurance organization in the United States. By integrating users’ opinions and needs through mutual collaboration, Student Medicover has deemed it essential and useful to enhance its insurance plan in a comprehensive way, starting from this academic year (2022-23).

The Supreme Plan, a brand-new, enhanced plan, strives to provide high-quality butler-style care while remaining affordable in compared to your school insurance, with the following additional features and protections.


1.What does “Supreme” stand for?

1.What does “Supreme” stand for?

Supreme Plan, as a newly created product, contains various extra perks that includes all of the previous features, in addition to a more specific focus on the exclusivity and all-around care of every single customer.

In detail, the Supreme plan offers a total of $500 credit for wellness exams each year, whereas we previously simply provided coverage for preventative care services. Second, regardless of time zone or time difference throughout the world, we provide every student with a 1-on-1 personal concierge 24/7, which means you can quickly access and connect with your personal specialist whenever you need support. The types of services include:

Purchasing or replacing your insurance, finding an in-network doctor, claim settlement, claim follow-up, etc.

Online appointment and in-network service inquiries

Assist to contact customers regarding claim services

Private information account and personal claim manager

Furthermore, we evaluate some of the other needs of fellow international students based on previous users’ feedback and suggestions, and we incorporated all of the takeaways into the following benefits for Supreme customers:

Travel insurance in case of emergency, covering the first 30 days after you enter the US

Professional family doctor in both Chinese and English

❖ Help to sign your School Vaccination Request Form without additional service charge

Complimentary over-the-counter medical kits provided by MORE Health.

Complimentary consulting service with a team of top medical experts in the US, and users enjoy a 10% discount if you finally use their service.

Supreme Plan Benefits

free complimentary over-the-counter medical kits

2.Why are we offering this exclusive plan?

2.Why are we offering this exclusive plan?

According to all of the benefits listed above, it is clear that the Supreme plan provides considerably more selected service to consumers who first felt their demands were not entirely addressed.

As the largest insurance agent designated by United Healthcare, we have tangibly felt that rather than exaggerating the importance of lower rates, feedback has shown that international students or their parents care more about comprehensive protection and ultimate convenience, so we are now committed to changing the information asymmetry in the insurance industry for all students in an easily understandable way and the most considerate manner.

As such,  we could put our greatest efforts into assisting students who need to get medical care or gain more relevant information in a foreign country.

3.How to claim the Supreme Benefits?

3.How to claim the Supreme Benefits?

Take the example of claiming your complimentary over-the-counter (OTC) medical kits provided by MORE Health. Follow the instructions below  :

-Select “Support” on the top of our webpage and scroll down to find “Help Center”

Supreme Benefit1

-Click on “Help Center” and choose “New Support Ticket” in the middle of the page.

Supreme Benefit2

-Fill in all your personal information including your plan as “Supreme”

-For the part “Choose a Benefit to Activate”, select “OTC Medication Package”.

-Enter correctly your name, date of birth, phone number and mailing address in the “Description” box below

Supreme Benefit 3

-Click on Submit and you will receive your OTC medical kit in about 2 weeks for free!



It is our ninth year already to serve as an insurance agent for all international students in the US, and we will continue to keep our original intention and remember the way we started. We sincerely hope with the help of this newly-launched plan, Student Medicover as a team could still accompany you aside and give you our foremost supports. 

In the meantime, at this special moment for the inauguration of supreme plan, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the trusts and expectations from our customers, organizations, and schools that have assisted and witnessed our growth in the past., and such gratitude will undoubtedly promote us to continue refining our products and services in the coming years. 

Last but not least, if you have already been fascinated by this band-new product, please don’t hesitate to enroll into our Supreme Plan today!

5.Enroll Now

5.Enroll Now