Student Medicover 2026 World Cup Campaign Winner Announcement

Student Medicover 2026 World Cup Campaign Winners Announcement

Student Medicover 2026 World Cup Campaign Winners Announcement

World Cup Campaign Winner Announce

Campaign Theme

The World Cup is a football fiesta that takes place every four years and is also the biggest sporting occasion in the world, bringing together the best athletes from all countries. Nearly all social media posts and crowd conversations during the World Cup focus on associated subjects.

As an international student insurance provider, Student Medicover has made it a priority to foster cross-cultural interactions. We also recently ran a campaign called “Which team do you want to see in the 2026 World Cup?”. By taking part in this campaign, each user is able to receive a unique e-ticket with his or her name and the national flag of their favorite team, sending their aspirations in an easy but thoughtful manner.

Campaign Duration

December 21-31, 2022

Campaign Highlights

Student Medicover has announced and promoted the campaign on a number of the company’s social media channels, having a significant influence among international students. The campaign has been seen thousands of times overall, drawing hundreds of participants from more than 30 nations.

Last Thursday, January 5, at 4 p.m. PST, we selected two winners and notified them via email that they had won two real 2026 World Cup tickets provided by Student Medicover for a 2026 World Cup match at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, one of the World Cup host venues.


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Campaign Summary

Overall, this campaign was successful in accordance with the initial expectation and final outcomes. At the same time, it maximizes a consistent and viral influence on our social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, etc., while also showing the national identity and patriotism of our participants from a variety of nations.

Finally, thanks everyone once more for taking part in our World Cup campaign. We hope to see you at more upcoming online and offline events!

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SM World Cup campaign customized virtual tickets