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HealthiestYou: What It Is and How To Use It

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All Student Medicover insured students who are over 18 years old have access to HealthiestYou’s free online medical consultation service, which allows you to connect with a professional doctor in as little as 3 minutes for online consultation or psychological counseling.

HealthiestYou also supports global service, so even if you are not in the U.S., you can use HealthiestYou to connect with a doctor in the U.S. for a consultation.

As the Covid-19 outbreak is getting more and more serious in the United States, many international students are very worried about their risk of being infected, how to apply for a Covid-19 test, and how to see a doctor during the pandemic.

If students feel any discomfort at home or have the appropriate symptoms, we highly recommend use the online consultation platform HealthiestYou as a priority.


1.What is HealthiestYou?

1. What is HealthiestYou?

HealthiestYou (HY) is not a medical insurance or a medical institution, but a mobile application that combines online medical care, drug comparison, doctor finding, and other functions. The app contains these main features.

  • 24-hour online access to doctors
  • Free online psychological counseling
  • Find a partner hospital/doctor
  • Prescription drug price comparison, save up to 85% on prescription drugs
  • Medical insurance assistance, coverage and deductibles search

2. How to use HealthiestYou?

2. How to use HealthiestYou?

Step1Download HealthiestYou mobile app

HealthiestYou App download

Step2:Register an account by selecting My School and entering your information


Membership Lookup choose My School


Enter personal name, birthday and student ID:


Set up your email and password:


Enter your phone number and create an account:


Step3:Select visit doctor to start your consultation

After logging in, click on Visit Doctor


Choose yourself:


Provide a brief personal information to help the doctor understand your medical condition.

Click Complete Medical History

Enter your personal information according to your condition and click on Save:


Since each state has different laws and regulations, HY needs to determine your address first by entering your state here:


Online visits have two options: phone/video connection with the doctor, you can choose according to your personal situation: (we have chosen the first one for our example here)


Select the time you want to see the doctor.


If you choose to see a doctor by phone, you will need to enter your phone number and contact email.


Briefly describe your condition, and if you have a designated primary care physician (PCP) in the U.S., you can enter the information here.


Online doctor can prescribe medications for you, here's how to search for a pharmacy by entering your local zip code.


Choose the pharmacy:


All online visits are free for SM insured members using HY.

You need to first determine the terms and conditions, choose whether to share your medical history with the online doctor, and then click to confirm your appointment.


As you can see, using the HY online consultation service is free and there are no other fees to pay.

Click Submit and wait for the doctor to call.


Note: Due to the special period of the epidemic, HY has added a new COVID-19 self-assessment feature to the home page. HY recommends completing the self-assessment test prior to your doctor’s appointment.


The assessment test questions are listed below. After completing the test, then follow the steps above to make an appointment with your doctor online:


step4-2 step4-3 step4-4 step4-5 step4-6 step4-7 step4-8 step4-9

3.Common FAQ for HealthiestYou

Common FAQ for HealthiestYou

Q: Is there a fee to use HY online doctor visits?

A: All students who are over 18 years old with SM insurance can use HY online for free to see a doctor, compared to the cost of a doctor’s visit and Urgent Care in the U.S. which is over $100 at any time, which can save a lot of money on medical expenses.

Q: What kind of medical conditions is online viewing suitable for?

A: Online doctors are very suitable for minor illnesses, such as colds, sore throats, allergies, red eyes, etc. However, if you encounter other symptoms that are not life-threatening, such as stomach ulcers, excessive acidity, etc., you can consult with your doctor first before confirming the direction of your visit.

*During the outbreak, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, students are advised to prioritize the use of the HealthiestYou online platform and follow the advice and instructions of a medical professional before making the next arrangements.

Q:What can Online Doctors do for you? 

A: When you see a doctor online, the doctor can communicate with you by phone/video, make a diagnosis, make recommendations, and also prescribe medication for you.

If you need prescription drugs, the online doctor can also write a prescription to an in-network pharmacy near your home.

According to data provided by UHCSR, 70% of all emergency, outpatient, and Urgent Care visits can be resolved through online visits. The average time for a HY online visit is 13 minutes.

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Finally, SM assistants hope every international student to receive the best quality service and the most solid medical protection. Students who have any doubts about gynecological examinations can send messages directly to our assistants for further help!