An inside look at the 1st Student Medicover Case Competition

An inside look at the 1st Student Medicover Case Competition

An inside look at the 1st Student Medicover Case Competition

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From March 21 to April 20, Student Medicover launched its first case competition. Here we are excited to announce all winning teams who participated in the case competition. Around 50 candidates from xx universities in the U.S. were attracted by the competition over the past month, and four outstanding teams were selected as finalists, with three of them who won a total of $10,000 prize.

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1.What is our Case Competition?

1.What is our Case Competition?

The case competition is a new event organized by Student Medicover to provide opportunities for every international student in the US to compete for a total award of 10k dollars by illustrating their market strategies in the health and insurance industry.

Apart from the participants,  it is our honor to work with the committee of the competition which consists of 4 internal advisors, 4 internal judges, and 2 external judges. It is worth mentioning that the external judges are the senior account manager from the UnitedHealthcare StudentResource Department with 15 years of experience in the student insurance industry, and a U.S licensed securities investment advisor from CBC LIFE Financial service with 20 years of experience in the industry.

They determined the winning project based on their rich experience in the industry as well as the best marketing strategy that will likely be implemented by Student Medicover in the future.

2.Why do we organize the event?

2.Why do we organize the event?

The primary goal of this case competition consists of the two following aspects.  We offer students this opportunity to get a better understanding of the insurance industry in the United States, and thus enable them to have more solid concepts about how insurance work in this country to ensure their future safety and rights.

On the other hand, We also expect that by participating in such a virtual business environment, all students can gain more social experience ahead of time before they officially begin their careers, as they can easily apply the knowledge and skills learned from the competition to increase their professional level and abilities in their future work.

3.Event Highlights

3.Event Highlights

In the first round, four teams scored higher among all the participants and advanced to the final round.

Case Competition 2022 round1

In the final round, the rankings of each team were selected based on the creativity and feasibility of the proposal they raised.

Case Competition 2022 round2

In the end, Team 4, Team 2, and Team 9 were selected as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. And the fourth-place team received a certificate of finalist as a recognition of their excellent performance as well.

Case Competition final

4.Winner Announcement

4.Winner Announcement

On behalf of Student Medicover, it is proud to announce our 2022 case competition winning team:

1st place winner:  Chen Chi 、Yunfeng Zhao、Jiner Fan、Tony Niu

2nd place winner: Tianwei Zhao 、Yifei Guo、Dongyuan Du

3rd place winner: Hoi Ying Kang 、Chongyu He

4th place winner: Yiming Xue、Yinqi Xia、Yumeng Guo、Leyi Wang、Hanmo Li

1st place winner

2nd place winner

3rd place winner 4th place winner

Testimonials from Winners: 

I am honored to be the winner of the 2022 Student Medicover Case Competition. It is truly a delight to be able to offer valid and practical solutions that are recognized by the judges and work with wonderful teammates and advisors during this competition. ——Chi Chen from Team 4

“ Different from other case competitions I have done before, there was no boundary to limit my thinking and creativity in the SM Case Competition. My favorite part of doing this competition is consulting SM professionals.  We had the opportunity to talk to SM employees (special thanks to Ms. Cai and Zoe) to evaluate the practicality of our strategies.  I really appreciate them giving us their unique and professional insights from their internal and operational perspectives. It was definitely an unforgettable experience! ” —— Tianwei Zhao from Team 2 

I sincerely appreciate the platform Student Medicover provided, where we are placed in the real-world business scenario under multiple constraints. Working on Student Medicover’s Case Comp enhanced my analytical and communication skills, throughout the competition I also developed a precious friendship with my team members and other participants. I am looking forward to coming back next year! ——Yifei Guo from Team 2 

 “Our team was thrilled to be announced in 3rd place. It was a great competition with other students from different school backgrounds. We learned insights and viewpoints about StduentMedicover and connected with their employees. The technology team advisory was helpful throughout the process. Thank you and our Advisors, Jerry and Bella.  “ —— Hoi Ying Kang from Team 9

5.Student Medicover Case Competition Takeaways

5. Student Medicove Case Competition Takeaways

We have purposefully provided not just services but also care to all international students in the United States as a student insurance company over the past decade, and we work tirelessly to ensure that all of them are prepared for their studies and lives here. As a result, we will host more events and campaigns based on the positive feedback we received in order to support our fellow students as much as possible.

Thanks to all students, advisors, and judges who have contributed to this program for their hard work and professional advice. We sincerely look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Also, we welcome every international student to take part in our next case competition that is going to be held in 2023. See you next year!