Student Medicover: An Introduction to US Healthcare Network Discount

An Introduction to US Healthcare Network Discount

US Healthcare Network Discount

Starting 2022 summer, Student Medicover is honored to be nominated into the United Healthcare Choice Plus network which provides our customers with an abundance of extra benefits and discounts when compared to the previous Options PPO Network. Details of the newly-enrolled Choice Plus network and comprehensive explanation are as follows.

1.What is US healthcare network discount?

1.What is US healthcare network discount

To start with, it is important to briefly give an introduction of the network that Student Medicover and United Healthcare have shared for years, the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Within the network, the insurance company has negotiated special rates with a select set of “preferred” medical providers. These are often referred to as network or in-network doctors and hospitals. They gain a bigger number of patients by pushing plan users to choose recommended doctors, which allows them to provide the lower rates.

In other words, the lower rate can be interpreted as a network discount in the medical context that you receive from your insurance company, regardless of your plan deductible. This discount can ultimately be as much as 25%-50% based on the factors that influence the discount range: customers’ zip code, doctor efficiency and cost criteria, as well as the number of individuals in the insurance company’s network. Here is an example of how does it benefit the policy-holder:

Given that you broke your knee and walked into a doctor’s office without insurance, you would be subject to pay the full cost of whatever the doctors office would like to charge for examining your injury, as well as any x-ray charges done during that examination. In comparison, in the same situation, if you have a plan with United Healthcare, regardless of your deductible amount, you would not have to pay the full price of the exam, nor for the x-ray. You would instead, receive a “network discounted” cost of those procedures because of the leverage that can be applied by the insurance company on the doctor.

It is so straightforward to tell that the more individuals who are covered by United Healthcare, the more risk it can spread throughout their business, allowing them to pay higher discounts for your treatment. Also, the more policy holders in their network, the more eager the doctor is to accept that form of insurance since they will receive more patients with that coverage. As a result, a doctor who accepts United Healthcare insurance can attract more UHC policy holders to his clinic to hospital since he or she can have part of the charges “discounted” by United Healthcare insurance. In exchange, doctors will grant a “network discount.”

Therefore, in the example above, while you may have turned your knee and would ordinarily pay for the exam and x-ray, the doctor would accept a “network discounted” fee established by United Healthcare for his services simply because he wants to increase the potential of his business.

2. Introduction to Student Medicover previous United Healthcare Options PPO Network

2. Introduction to Student Medicover previous United Healthcare Options PPO Network

Apart from the network discount, indeed there are a lot more other benefits that our previous Options PPO plan already had, before getting selected by a member of Choice Plus plan. You can utilize any doctor, clinic, hospital, or health care facility in the national network with United Healthcare Options PPO. Staying in the network — a set of health care providers and institutions with which United Healthcare has a relationship — saves you money, and there is no need to choose a primary care physician (PCP) or get referrals to see a specialist with Options PPO.

The following is a list of UHC Options PPO coverage for various services:

(extracted from UHC Official Webpage)

  • Preventive care (100% at network facility)
  • Physician and specialist office visits
  • Lab, X-ray and diagnostic services
  • Urgent care, emergency services
  • Outpatient care services
  • Pregnancy and newborn care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility services and devices
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Wellness services

3. Extra Benefit from the new UHC Choice Plus Network

3. Extra Benefit from the new UHC Choice Plus Network

Now, after being partner with UHC PPO plan for years, it is the time to officially announce that Student Medicover is selected as one of the Choice Plus Network partner with United Healthcare in 2022, which means customers will enjoy both the network discount that is mentioned in the first section, in addition to all the existing benefits of Options PPO plan above in Section 2. Overall, with the help of UHC Choice Plus plan, you can choose a network physician or specialist from the United Healthcare Choice Plus network without contacting a primary care provider for a referral, and you can save money when you utilize the national network while still receiving coverage if you use out-of-network physicians.

UHC Choice Plus Network 1

detailed savings and discount range information


4. Conclusion

In summary, it is again our pleasure and honor to officially announce such benefits to our distinguished customers, and we hope all our fellow students could enjoy better coverage and network from now on. If you still have any questions regarding the Choice Plus Network or our products, feel free to contact our customer service team at 812-360-2313.


We are looking forward to meeting you with our warmest cares.



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