[2024-2025] Insurance Waiver Guide for University of Dayton

[2024 -2025] University of Dayton Insurance Waiver Guide 

how to waive student medicover

University of Dayton Fall 2024-2025 Insurance Waiver Deadline

October 2,2024 11:59:59 PM EST


“ Simply submit your waiver with us

save up to $1,640 a year from your insurance cost! ”


1. What is an Insurance Waiver?

The university requires all international students to enroll in medical insurance while studying abroad in the United States. In your University of Dayton student account, you will see that University of Dayton has automatically posted fees for the university’s Student Health Insurance Plan. 

However, international students can enroll in a surprisingly more affordable plan designed specifically for them. 24-25 policy year, University of Dayton’s insurance plan costs up to  $2,500 a year. Alternatively, health coverage for international students can be as low as $860 a year.

An insurance waiver is an application to opt out of the school-provided plan and go with the plan that better fits your needs. For school-specific waiver regulations, please refer to your school’s website.


2. Why are Alternative Health Insurance Plans More Affordable?

The insurance costs are calculated based on the risk factors; demographic factors are essential to the health insurance cost. Health insurance plans offered by universities or colleges are usually more expensive because the plans serve a broader range of the population, including international and domestic students.

In comparison, Student Medicover provides medical insurance specifically for international F1 students and J1 Scholars. While offering quality health insurance, Student Medicover insurance plans can often save students $1,000-$3,000 per year, with comparable or better benefits.

insurance waiver

3. How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan?

A good insurance plan protects you from minor illnesses, as well as serious injuries and diseases. When you’re looking for a plan, consider the following factors: 

  • The Cost

Some plans are much more cost-effective than others. But the cost is not the only factor you need to take into consideration. Cost should be compared at the same level of coverage and benefits. A plan with limited coverage can lead to catastrophic financial loss.

  • Insurance benefits

Read the insurance policies carefully, especially the schedule of benefit and exclusion sections. A good insurance plan should have a low deductible, high coinsurance, low copays, and a low out-of-pocket maximum.

  • Provider network

The Provider network is a group of care providers partnering with the insurance company to provide you with pre-negotiated rates. A powerful network allows you to find trustworthy doctors, clinics, urgent care centers, pharmacies, and hospitals wherever you need them.

Overall, it’s important to carefully compare the coverage and benefits of any health insurance plan before making a decision, as lower costs may come with trade-offs in terms of coverage or access to care.

4. Student Medicover Insurance Plans vs. University of Dayton Insurance Plan 

UDayton Plan

/ yr



UHCSR Top Level Coverage Plan

Add-on medical and insurance benefits

/ yr



Deductible Low to $0

Coinsurance Up to 90%

/ yr

Prime 100


Affordable Deductible

$200 Adult Vision Benefit

/ yr



Affordable Deductible

$200 Adult Vision Benefit

/ yr
save $1,640

By waiving UDayton-sponsored Student Health Insurance with Student Medicover you can save up to $1,640!

Note: All benefits shown are for services rendered at in-network providers. The premium rates are shown for insured under the age of 25, please contact us for the premium rates or plan options for other age groups.

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6. How do University of Dayton Students Stay Covered with Student Medicover?

SM Users Insurance Claims Cases
Other Student Medicover Insureds Testmonials
During the year of using Student Medicover Prime 500 Plan, l was very impressed.l had a total claim of more than $11k! After getting the helpfrom SM, I now only have to pay $1.7k to thehospital (without any further financial assistance)!I think that's huge, it's almost like paying just 10% of it.
Aubrey Sendler
F1 Student Prime 500
I am allergic to peanuts and my face was severely swollen afterl accidentally ate a peanut pie at theparty. However, There's no available appointments when l visited Student Health Center, so l found an in-network urgent care center through SM website for instant treatment.This walk-in experience was super convenient.
Mike Stuart
F1 Student Supreme
Student Medicover Plan covers HPV vaccines. I went to the CVS near university for the 2nd shot of HPV. I was really impressed by their customer service team. My representative Emma was super helpful, she even helped call the CVS to check the stock, which saved me a lot of time.
Tina Kunis
F1 - OPT Student Prime 500

7. How to Purchase Student Medicover Insurance?


 Enroll in Student Medicover Insurance Plan

– Visit the homepage to enroll: www.smcovered.com

– Type or Choose Your Education Institution: University of Dayton

– Choose Visa Status

– Choose your Date of Birth

University of Dayton Enroll


 Select the Insurance Plan that Best Fits Your Needs

Choose Coverage Period

*It is recommended to choose the “Annual” coverage period to avoid any coverage gaps.

Choose A Plan

Supreme, Elite, Prime 100 and Basic plans meet the school’s requirements to ensure a successful waiver. Supreme is a highly popular plan for its the low deductible and the high coinsurance, while Basic stands out for its affordability.

University of Dayton Plans


 Create a Student Medicover Account or Log In

– If you already have an account, simply log in.

If you are a new user, create an account by providing your personal details.

If you do not have a US-based address, please check the box labeled “I don’t have a US-based address.”


Please remember your student ID for downloading the official insurance card.

Check the box at the bottom

Click “Next”

Verify that the information is correct, then click “Confirm”


 Complete the Payment to Finalize Enrollment

Make the Payment

– Choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment process.

*If you are paying with a VISA card from your home country’s bank, please use your home country address for the billing address.


 Access Your Insurance Documrnts(Proof of Insurance)

  • Confirmation Letter and Policy Certificate

-Click the “LOGIN” button at the top right corner of this page and enter your account credentials to log in.

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Open the Authenticator App

– You can download “Duo Mobile,” “Google Authenticator,” or similar apps from the app store.

Use the Authenticator App to scan the QR code displayed on the login page.

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Enter the code from the app to complete the login verification.

(If you encounter any login issues, please contact the assistant at the end of the blog for personalized guidance.)

24 25 student portal

Click on “Document Center” to download the Confirmation Letter and Policy Certificate.

*If the new insurance plan has not yet taken effect, please download the documents from the “Future Coverage” section.

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  • Official Insurance Card

-To download your official insurance card, please visit www.uhcsr.com. Click here to view the detailed process of downloading your insurance card.

8. How to Waive University of Dayton Student Health Insurance Plan?

Waiver Steps for University of Dayton are updating, please come back soon for the latest information. We are working to ensure that our waiver process is as clear and efficient as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to explore our website for general guidelines and contact our support team if you have any urgent questions. 

9. Contact Us for 1-on-1 waiver assistance.

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