Student Medicover: Announcement for UHC Choice Plus Network

Announcement for UHC Choice Plus Network

UHC Choice Plus Network

For years, Student Medicover has closely collaborated with United Healthcare, using their Options PPO Network, but over the last few years, we have collected a considerable amount of feedback from our users regarding the price level and the variety of network choices. Thus, beginning this year, for our selected plans including Student Medicover Supreme, Elite, and Choice plan, this feedback will become effective in reality, as we are honored to be nominated into the United Healthcare Choice Plus, a network that provides our customers with an abundance of extra benefits and discounts when compared to the previous Options PPO Network. 


In this way, customers will enjoy both the network discount and all the existing benefits of the Options PPO plan. Overall, with the help of the UHC Choice Plus plan, you can choose a network physician or specialist from the United Healthcare Choice Plus network without contacting a primary care provider for a referral, and you can save money when you utilize the national network while still receiving coverage if you use out-of-network physicians.


Last, but not least, if you have more questions about our newly-selected UHC Choice Plus, please don’t hesitate to visit the UHC webpage.


And meanwhile, it is our pleasure to share this special cooperation with United Healthcare at this moment and we would like to take this opportunity to promise our fellow students and customers that we will continue to improve our products and services in the coming years. 



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