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Looking for a trusted doctor or hospital can be an extra burden while you are feeling uncomfortable. However, you can count on us to help make your health experience easier. Whether you’re looking for a doctor, medical specialists, hospital, laboratory, or even medical equipment and supplies, we have the information you need, all located right here.

What is United Healthcare Options?

Preferred Providers Organizations (PPO) are the physicians, hospitals and other health care providers who have contracted to provide specific medical care at negotiated prices. The Preferred Provider for your plan is UnitedHealthcare Options PPO.You will enjoy a reduced cost if you visit a Preferred Provider for medical services (also called in-network medical providers). However, if you chose a provider out of the PPO network, you will spend more money for your medical care experiences.

How to find a PPO doctor or hospital?


Please click this link to search for participating physicians, hospitals, facilities, medical equipment, or supplies in your local area. Preferred Provider Lookup


Enter a street address, city & state or 5-digit zip code.


Enter the name of Primary Care Physicians, Hospitals, or Urgent Care CentersOr, select the medical care category you are looking for by clicking the tabs• Looking for Special Care: People > Special Care > Choose Type of Specialist• Looking for Vaccines: Services and Treatments > Vaccines > Adult Vaccines
> Choose Type of Vaccines

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