Group Enrollment

Unless otherwise stated in the Master Policy, coverage will begin effective (if submitting via Online Services) the day the correct premium is submitted to the Company or the effective date of the coverage period, whichever is later. The student/visa holder is responsible for the timely renewal payments. By submitting this application, the student/visa holder acknowledges the following:
1). He/she has carefully read the certificate and elects to enroll as indicated on the application;
2). He/she declares they meet the eligibility requirements for the plan selected;
3). That if it is later determined that the student is not eligible, or upon entrance in the armed forces, the premium will be refunded. Premium will not be refunded except for ineligibility or entrance into the armed forces.

By typing your name in this Signature field, you hereby certify that the information entered into this form is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

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You will receive a payment link through invoice@authorize.net within 1 business day.

Please be aware your coverage will be effective after premium payment is processed.