An inside look at Student Medicover’s Scholarship Program

An inside look at Student Medicover’s Scholarship Program

Written by: Lydia Li


Student Medicover Scholarship Program

On January 16th, 2021, Student Medicover launched its first Scholarship Program to empower international students with knowledge and skills on how to run a $100 million business. Over 200 candidates applied for the program, and five outstanding students were selected at the end of the program as awardees and each won a scholarship of $1000.

What is Student Medicover’s Scholarship Program?

In this program, students learn about the various aspects of a $100 million business and understand how different departments contribute to the growth and sustainability of a business. The program lasts for 12 weeks and touches on a diversity of topics, including Business Administration, Business Accounting & Finance, Business Law, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Customer Information System. Students learned and taught the equivalent of a college course in 3 months, and demonstrated their understanding and application of knowledge through weekly quizzes and individual projects.

Why we organize the program?

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads out the world, international students found it is getting more difficult to find employment in the U.S. after graduation. Through the Scholarship Program, we would like to provide an opportunity for the students to gain hands-on experience, so they will be more confident, determined, and prepared to enter the job market with relevant knowledge and skills.

Scholarship Recipient Announcement

Student Medicover is proud to announce our 2021 scholarship winners are:

Agnelo Daniel Thomas, Northern Illinois university

Kaeley Dilpreet Kaur, University of Toledo

Michelle Zvansky, University of California, Los Angeles

Neha Benny Mathews, Northern Illinois University

Yang Liu, University of Maryland, College Park

Student Medicover scholarship announcement banner

“Thanks to all students who joined the Scholarship Program! You are all very focused and worked hard to participate in the courses and overcome each project challenge. Well done there! I firmly believe there is a bright future awaits for each one of you, and Student Medicover is always here to provide support!”, said Jerry Hu, CEO of Student Medicover.

We Care, So We Are Here

With the pandemic under control and the economy slowly recovering, international students are seeing a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. We wish every international student stays healthy and realizes your dreams!

Interested in joining Student Medicover? Check out our current opening positions at

About Student Medicover

Student Medicover is the largest health insurance plan administrator and healthcare service platform for international students. By partnering with UnitedHealthcare, we provide cost-effective, comprehensive insurance plans and strive to make high-quality, affordable care accessible to every international student, aiming to build a supportive, vibrant, and healthy community. We’re a team of experienced health enthusiasts who serve students with compassion, professionalism, and dedication.

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